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Everdell APK is a game of wondrous creatures and sprawling city-building set in the heart of a vibrant forest.
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Everdell APK is a game of wondrous creatures and sprawling city-building set in the heart of a vibrant forest. As the sun filters through the towering trees and the seasons change, the critters of Everdell are hard at work, constructing their own cozy abodes and flourishing civilizations. In this whimsical world, players step into the shoes of visionary leaders, guiding their critter clans to create the most awe-inspiring cities. Download Everdell mod apk from this website free for Android devices.

The game takes you on a journey through the changing seasons, from the budding beauty of spring to the warmth of summer and the bountiful harvest of autumn. As you gather resources, select locations, and recruit creatures, your city will flourish, each decision shaping the destiny of your forest community.

everdell apk

Everdell Apk is not just a game; it’s an experience that captures the enchantment of discovery, the satisfaction of strategic planning, and the joy of building something remarkable. With every card played and every piece placed, you’ll watch your city grow and your critters thrive in this charming world of imagination and strategy.

Gameplay of Everdell APK

Everdell offers a distinctive and enchanting gameplay experience that seamlessly blends worker placement, resource management, and tableau-building mechanics. As a leader of critter species, players embark on a journey to cultivate a thriving woodland city throughout the changing seasons. From the blossoming emergence of spring to the bountiful harvest of autumn, the game provides an immersive environment where strategic decision-making is key. Each turn presents players with a choice: deploy workers to diverse locations for resource collection and card acquisition, strategically play critter and construction cards to develop an intricate city tableau brimming with synergies and abilities, or prepare for the upcoming season by recalling workers.

The real magic lies in the intertwining of cards, forming unique combos and synergies that define each player’s path to victory. As players craft their city, each card contributes to points, and as winter descends, the highest-scoring city claims the win. The game’s beauty extends beyond its mechanics, with its captivating artwork and the potential for deep and imaginative strategies. With expansions introducing new levels of complexity and missions, Everdell apk keeps players engaged, whether they’re enjoying cross-platform multiplayer matches or challenging themselves with AI play and Solo Challenges. Welcome to a world where creativity, strategy, and the whimsy of the forest converge in the captivating city-building adventure of Everdell.

Features of Everdell APK

This is an amazing arcade game that offers a lot of features for its players to enjoy full-time. If you download this game from so get all the unlocked features free.

Critter Abilities and Personalities

Each critter card not only contributes to your city’s tableau but also comes with its own personality and special abilities. These abilities can vary from card drawing to resource manipulation, adding an extra layer of strategic choices and thematic immersion.

Event Cards

In addition to critter and construction cards, “Everdell” features event cards that introduce dynamic effects, challenges, or opportunities for players. These cards can have a significant impact on the game’s flow and strategy.

Forest Locations

Alongside the worker placement spots on the main board, some cards represent forest locations. These locations offer unique effects and rewards when players explore them, allowing for more varied strategies.

Pearlbrook Expansion’s Riverboard

The “Pearlbrook” expansion introduces a riverboard, expanding the game world and offering new actions and decisions related to exploring the river, collecting pearls, and interacting with new aquatic critters.

Ambassador Cards

The Spirecrest expansion introduces Ambassador cards in Everdell apk which offer players asymmetric powers and abilities. These cards provide diverse starting advantages, creating unique playstyles and enhancing replayability.

EverTree Organizer

Some editions of the physical game include a custom-made EverTree organizer, which not only stores all the components neatly but also acts as an impressive centerpiece during gameplay.

Interaction Cards

The Spirecrest also expansion also introduces interaction cards in this game which allow players to engage with each other in new ways, such as trading resources, sharing abilities, or even competing for goals.

Solo Story Mode

“Bellfaire” expansion includes a solo story mode, providing a narrative-driven solo experience that unfolds over multiple games, introducing evolving challenges and objectives.

Fruit as a Resource

The “Bellfaire” also adds a new resource type: fruit. This resource can be used for various actions and card effects, offering new strategic possibilities.

Variable Starting Resources

Depending on the Collector’s Edition or other special editions of the game, players might have variable starting resources, adding a layer of asymmetry to the game from the very beginning.

MOD Features

  1. New Critter Cards: Introduce custom critter cards in the Everdell apk with unique abilities, fostering an even greater diversity of strategies and interactions.
  2. Alternate Artwork Mods: Apply fan-made artwork mods to give the game a fresh visual perspective while retaining its core mechanics. It is a fantastic feature of everdell mod apk.
  3. Custom Events and Challenges: Develop new event and challenge cards that introduce unique scenarios, adding complexity and excitement to the game.
  4. Custom Expansions: Create your own expansions or modify existing ones to tailor the game’s mechanics and content to your preferences.
  5. Variant Rule Sets: Design and share variant rule sets that introduce new rules, objectives, or limitations, creating fresh gameplay experiences.
  6. Thematic Sound Effects: Incorporate custom sound effects or background music to enhance the thematic immersion of the game.
  7. AI Behavior Modding: Adjust AI behavior and decision-making through modding, creating more challenging and dynamic AI opponents.
  8. Custom Components: Design and create physical custom components in the Everdell mod apk, such as tokens, resources, and even custom-made EverTrees, to enhance the tactile experience of the game.

Final Verdicts

In the Everdell mod apk, you will get unlimited unlocked features which include a variety of amazing game resources including unlimited money and coins. These are the modded features that you can get only in the mod apk version of Everdell and you can download Everdell apk from this website.

What's new

Dragging cards is now more easily canceled without playing the card.
Zooming cards over the city no longer accidentally plays the card.


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3.  Follow the steps on the screen.

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