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Chidiya Wala game is an exciting and fast-paced mobile game designed for two friends to compete against each other.
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Chidiya Wala game is an exciting and fast-paced mobile game designed for two friends to compete against each other. The game tests their ability to think on their feet and make rapid decisions about whether an animal displayed on their screens can fly or not. Players must quickly lift their finger if they believe the animal can fly or keep their finger placed on the screen if the animal does not fly.

chidiya WALA game

The gameplay of the Chidiya Wala game

  1. Setup: Both players launch the Fly or Not (Chidiya Wala game) on their devices and connect with each other.
  2. Round Start: A round begins with an animal image displayed on both players’ screens.
  3. Make a Choice: As soon as the animal appears, players have a limited time (e.g., 3 seconds) to decide whether the animal can fly or not. If they think the animal can fly, they must lift their finger from the screen. If they believe the animal cannot fly, they should keep their finger placed on the screen.
  4. Correct Decisions: After the time is up, the game reveals the correct answer. Players who made the right choice earn points for each correct answer.
  5. Quick Rounds: The game proceeds with multiple rounds, each featuring different animals, and the speed of the game gradually increases, challenging the players’ quick thinking and reflexes.
  6. Bonus Rounds: Periodically, the game may introduce bonus rounds with surprise elements, where players have even less time to decide.
  7. Winner: At the end of the game, the player with the highest score wins the overall match.

Features of the Chidiya Wala game

  • Diverse Animal Collection: “Fly or Not” includes a wide range of animals, from birds and insects to land and aquatic creatures, to keep the gameplay exciting and unpredictable.
  • Multiplayer Mode: The game allows friends to compete against each other in real-time, adding a social and interactive dimension.
  • Leaderboard: A leaderboard showcases the top-performing players, encouraging healthy competition and replayability.
  • Power-ups and Challenges: Players can unlock power-ups or face unique challenges to add twists to the game.
  • Educational Aspect: “Fly or Not” can also serve as a fun and interactive way to learn about different animals and their flying abilities.

Remember to ensure that the animal facts presented in the game are accurate and that any copyright or intellectual property concerns regarding images used are appropriately addressed. Happy gaming!

What's new

Rematch feature is introduced in online mode


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